We can tell you all about how wonderful we are, how well we clean, but instead why don’t you hear what our customers have to say instead…

Presented by the Board of Trustees to: Andy Yang
For consistently giving us 100% with the cleaning, care and service of the school.
Board of Trustees, Sunnyhills School

“I hold the flag high for Red Coats Cleaning. Recently, Red Coats was mentioned favorably in the Board of Trustee minutes. This is unprecedented in my experience. This is their sixth year with us.”
Hector Maria, Facilities Manager, Wairau Intermediate School

“I wanted to thank you for our fantastic contractors provided by RedCoats here at Macleans College. The cleaners were busy doing the term clean one evening when the fire alarms went off. They ran around the school to find where the problem was, noticed a fire in a bin which was blazing and put it out with buckets of water. We really appreciate the extra mile they went as if they were not there the building would have caught alight and we would have had a major fire.”
Lauren Langdale
Property Administrator, Macleans College